Working and Employment opportunities in Spain

Spain is traditionally an agricultural country producing crops of wheat, barley, vegetables and tomatoes. It is the world’s biggest producer of Olive Oil and Europe’s largest producer of lemons, oranges and strawberries. It also produces wine and livestock.

Outside of agriculture the major industries are Textiles and Fashion, Food and Beverages, Metals, Chemicals, Ships, Automobiles, Footwear, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment.

Most industry is based around Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia with mineral and copper mining in the Rio Tinto.

The major industry as far as the economy goes is Tourism and whilst Spain has made progress in the last few decades with Banking and other Financial Services, as an economy it lags behind the rest of Western Europe. It was hit particularly hard by the recent recession and its unemployment has been cause for major concern. There are work opportunities here though for individuals with ICT skills, and Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry experience.
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